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Weekend Crash courses


Weekend crash courses

New weekend German Courses in Wiesbaden!

The weekend crash courses seem to be perfect for many of you, especially for people who work during the week, families with kids and couples.

Whether you are a beginner or advanced, after each course you will feel empowered to go out and start talking to strangers without any hesitation 🙂

One course covers many different areas, such as talking to other parents, ordering food, talking to children, asking for directions, making appointments with friends and many others.

Feel free to either stop right there or join the groups and carry on learning until you start feeling comfortable enough to talk and write about anything you like!

You can either do one course or keep going on a biweekly or monthly basis.

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Weekend crash course 4 lessons105 €
2 Weekend crash courses
8 lessons195 €
3 Weekend crash courses12 lessons270 €
4 Weekend crash courses16 lessons340 €
Each follow up course after booking your first 4 Weekends
4 lessons
80 €
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