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German Crash course for beginners

Did you know that English and German have a lot in common?

Since English has a lot of Germanic words in it, it makes learning German much easier than you think!

This new audio course will help you learn German effortlessly.

By listening to the audios for only as long as 5 minutes a day you will be able to start feeling very comfortable when surrounded with people who can speak German only.

Apart from that, learning new words will help you to build up your self-confidence and start making friends fast!

Here you will learn how to make small talk, introduce yourself, pronounce the words correctly order drinks and food in the restaurant ask what you are looking for in the supermarket and much more!

There are many ways of listening to this course: you can either simply listen to it and repeat the phrases or you can listen to the German phrases while you read the text in the script.

Writing down the new words is a great idea too if you’d like to dive deeper into the German language. The easy download of this course will allow you to have it on your computer and smartphone whenever you need it.

Get started today with this easy German audio course!

For just one time payment you will receive a lot of helpful lessons and a PDF, which will help you to read the sentences in German.

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